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Lockout/Tagout mistakes can lead to tragic and serious accidents leading to injuries and death. Here are six common lockout tagout mistakes employees make.


  • Do not use the Lockout for a task that only takes a few minutes :
    Many times, employees make the mistake of ignoring the importance of Lockout. Even if the job requires only a few minutes to complete, don’t start off with just controlling the equipment, as it can be dangerous. Be sure to block the power source by using proper lockout before performing service and maintenance.
  • Ignorance of using multiple Lockout Method when multiple employees are at work.
    A worker pulls the switch and locks it properly. Other staff made the mistake of not applying lockout and began maintenance work. When multiple people are repairing equipment make sure that multiple blocking procedures are always followed.
  • Leaving the keys in the lock while performing Lockout
    An employee who performs the lock may lose the key, and thinking that he begins performing service maintenance tasks, throws his key into the lock. That’s a big mistake! Anyone who comes to the realization that their life may be in danger can come and remove the lock.
  • Ask another employee to turn off the machine and lock our devices.
    When we hurry, we often make the mistake of telling another worker to turn off the machine and lock our devices. This could be the cause of the accident. Don’t let the staff trust the other person! Every worker must close and block himself.
  • Disconnect by simply locking the control circuit or performing maintenance without checking the main switch block.
    An employee simply blocks the control circuit and thinks that the main connection and the switch are locked without thinking that it is good enough to cause major mishaps. Always ensure that the machine starts carefully before disconnecting the main power supply before performing maintenance work.
  • Improper or not following written MSP.
    We often make the mistake by ignoring or not following the written MSP procedures for the Lockout Tag-out. Ensure that any worker performing the lockout tagout is properly trained, assessed and follows written blocking procedures. You simply cannot afford errors with lockout tagout, as it can claim the lives of you and your collaborators.

Each employee is loaded with goals and work commitments that must be achieved. With this dense program, we tend to make mistakes many times. But LOTO is vital for employee safety and, therefore, cannot be ignored at any cost.

Our mistakes can be dangerous and can cause accidents and serious injuries. We must always keep in mind that our lives are precious and can influence both us and our loved ones.

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