Safety equipment supplier supplier in Bangladesh.

Who we are ?

Innovern Engineering is best quality Safety equipment supplier in the field of  engineering. We are a professional engineering firm with proven expertise. We have dedication to technically challenging and practical solutions is central focus to our client service approach. Moreover our team is committed to deliver tangible outcomes by their excellence of services and commitment. As an electrical consulting company, Innovern Engineering places great emphasis on its relationship with clients. And we are pride ourselves on the ability to respond to your contracting requirements not only efficient but also the cost effective way. Our effort is to deliver the best out comes with comparatively economic benefit to our valuable clients.

What we do ?

We provides premier electrical consultancy and maintenance service for industrial, commercial complex, and housing sectors throughout the country. In addition our electrical services include project management, design, supply, installation, testing plus commissioning and maintenance of electrical systems. In summary we provide one stop solution for our clients.

Why Innovern ?

Innovern engineering is a team work of engineering, designing, planning, surveying and above all delivering elegant outcome for our clients, the community and the future generations. Innovern engineering is a company, who knows how to satisfy the clients. In addition we have specialized engineering team not only experienced but also have proper knowledge in any type of Electrical services. Moreover we are promising and strong enough to gave the one stop solution to fulfill the client’s valuable requirements. On time project delivery in any condition is our strength.

Anchored by some key distinctive.

  • A focus on client’s communication and responsiveness.
  • Honest, practical and technically astute advice.
  • A strong focus on delivering constructible, robust and optimized design solutions.
  • High quality documentation.
  • Having skilled & experienced engineers, technicians.
  • Professionally & individually responsible to the clients.
  • Delivering the best service with comparatively best price.

What Innovern Engineering Do ?

Safety equipment supplier

Innovern Engineering is the best safety equipment supplier in Bangladesh. First of all we Innovern Engineering supply the best quality Lockout Tagout (LOTO) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our provided Lockout Tagout (LOTO) are highly comply with the requirements of all international standards. As well as it’s design and production material are certificated by various international organizations. Our delivered Lockout Tagout will be best asset in your toolbox. Using LOTO in your work place for your maintenance work is not only make your maintenance safe and secure but also to comply with the national law. In addition our supplied LOTO will fulfill the requirements of ACCORD, ALLIANCE and other organization. In a word form our product list you can use our LOTO for Electrical, Mechanical, plumbing as well as other so many field where using LOTO are not only mandatory but also for safer working place.

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