Laminated Safety Padlock

Model No Description
ISL-18L Diameter 5mm, 30mm length steel shackle.
ISL-25L Diameter 6mm, 27mm length steel shackle.
ISL-52L Diameter 6mm, 48mm length steel shackle.
ISL-25LD7 Diameter 7mm, 28mm length steel shackle.
ISL-30LD9 Diameter 7mm, 28mm length steel shackle.
ISL-65LD9 Diameter 10mm, 33mm length steel shackle.
  • Key Retaining: When the shackle is open, the key can’t be removed.
  • Made from hardened steel with more durable brass cylinder, anti-cutting and anti-sawing.
  • With a plastic cover in the bottom.
  • Laminated padlock is made of multi-layer high strength metal steel sheets which surface use zinc plating process; the durable metal shackle is corrosion resistance.
  • Resistance of chemical, extreme temperatures(-57ºC to 98ºC) and UV rays.

Laminated Safety Padlock

In the first place Innovern Engineering offering you  the best quality Laminated Safety Padlock in Bangladesh. Similarly we also provide others type of Lockout Tagout (LOTO) items. In addition we ensure that our Lockout Tagout products will comply with OSHAAccordAlliance and others organization requirements. As well as we offer a complete range of high quality Safety Padlock, Gun Lockout, Valve Lockout, Lockout HASP, Lockout Tag, Circuit Breaker Lockout, Electrical Plug, Switch & Pneumatic Lockout, Cable Lockout, Lockout Kit, Box, Station & Bag, Group Items, Other Lockout Items. In a word we are not only the best Lockout Tagout (LOTO) supplier but also the best service partner. Our goal is to make your workplace not only safer but also sustainable for Management, Engineer, technician, work and others. We ensure you will get original Lockout Tagout (LOTO) products from Innovern Engineering.

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Laminated Safety Padlock will be the best asset of your toolbox that will make your maintenance safe and secure. Using LOTO in your maintenance not only make your maintenance safe and secure but also to comply with the national law. Our supplied LOTO will fulfill the requirements of OSHAAccordAlliance and other organization. Form our product list you can use our LOTO for Electrical, Mechanical, plumbing and other so many field where using LOTO are not only mandatory but also for safer working place. We offer original Laminated Safety Padlock in low price in Dhaka, Bangladesh (BD).

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) Benefits:

  • Minimizes injury if machines are accidentally started.
  • As well as it will minimize injury from unexpected releases of hazardous energy are released, such as steam blasts, corrosive chemical and electrical arc flash.
  • Save lives from injuries.
  • In addition it’s minimize exposure to litigation.
  • In some states, companies receive benefits and discounts on worker’s compensation if they have few accidents.
  • Making safety a top priority inspires employee confidence and trust.
  • In addition it is profitable.
  • Moreover better working environment.
  • Compliance requirement.


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